Mobile Security Logger

Increase Employee Productivity

Do you suspect your employees are playing away on their work phones in office hours? Does it seem like they are using their work phones for personal leisure? A surefire way to increase the productivity of your employees is to know exactly what they are up to on their phones. Employee monitoring through Logger means that you can see complete details of your employee's cell phone activities. Whether they're making calls to personal contacts or using chat messengers to talk to friends, you will know.

Ensure Security of Company Information

 Does your company deal with confidential information that you wouldn't want leaked out? Do you want to make sure that a rogue employee isn't deceiving your company? StealthGenie lets you read the emails, appointment schedules, SMS messages and address book details of your employees so you know exactly what they are up to. You can also view any media such as photos and videos stored on their phone to make sure they are not taking pictures of sensitive documents or video recording company procedures.

Track Your Field Staff

 Are you worried your drivers are taking pleasure trips while out on deliveries? Do you think your travelling sales teams are logging fake miles? By logging in to StealthGenie's easy-to-use online control panel, you can see the exact location of your field staff's phones on a map. You can also see their location history to see where they've been or look at their travel route to find out how they got to where they are. This means you will have your eyes on your field staff at all times.

Remotely Control their Phones

 Do your employee's work phones hold sensitive information? Are you scared that if they get lost or stolen, that information could harm your company? StealthGenie gives you the ability to remotely control your employee's phones. You simply log in to StealthGenie's online control panel and you can send remote commands that can pause, stop or start the StealthGenie app. If you want to protect any sensitive information on the phone you can simply wipe the phone's memory remotely.