Cloud Files Protection

Our solution can work with file share cloud services like Google Drive, BoxNet, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive, etc. , it can encrypt files and folders on local hard drive and encrypt email and email databases of mail clients.

Solution uses Elliptic curve discrete logarithm with 1024bit key size, that fully exponential. It’s means that without key decryption of the data becomes impossible.

Base goal of software is encryption files on the fly, this is possible by encryption of file by parts in different streams, that’s utilize computing power and speed up encryption process.

Basic algorithm of the encryption:

1. Split data to encrypt to pieces;
2. Perform simultaneously encryption of each piece of data;
3. Merge encrypted data back;
4. Processes of data upload to cloud services or write to disk.


  • Encryption of any folder on disk;
  • Support many cloud storage services;
  • Email encryption;
  • User can define encryption key size;
  • User can send encrypted file to other users