Cloud Development

The Need

Launching new business services, consumer sites and social applications can lead to significant up front costs. With unknown usage volumes, and the need to launch rapidly, businesses need a new technology model that is better suited to the need for quick delivery and incremental spend. Cloud computing offers businesses a new IT model that is pay as you go. With a pay as you go fee model costs are only incurred based on usage, and time to provision new resources is significantly reduced.

Our Solution

We find the right cloud computing providers and architecture solutions that address your goals and challenges in addition to your functional requirements, system integration needs, and technology stack preferences. We understand client goals and challenges such as:

  • Time to market milestones
  • Keeping startup costs low
  • Scalability needs to meet expected or viral growth
  • Performance goals for your user experience
  • Regulatory and compliance rules
  • Factors important to your brand such as security and trust

Cloud Development

Our cloud expertise ensures the architecture is cohesive, meets all IT service delivery and management needs, while delivering a productive platform for development, testing, and deployment. Our development process is designed around incremental delivery, using prototyping to get feedback on features, as well as creating a solid technical foundation. This iterative approach quickly delivers proven commercially viable results.

Speeding time to market means leveraging off the shelf components that fit well with your architecture and designing software that is extensible and flexible. Our comprehensive solution will explore:

  • Leveraging off the shelf business services in mash-ups and web parts
  • Using open source or commercial software components
  • New business functions only deliverable with resources available in the cloud

We make sure your IT service delivery and management functions are planned properly and implemented correctly. We will work with your IT services team to create a comprehensive IT management plan that includes testing the solution and verifying proper functioning of system monitoring tools for IT services processes.